Cell Phone Contracts for Blacklisted People

In this day and age, mobile cell phones have seemingly become one of our greatest needs. We use them every single day for every aspect of life and still there seems to be a growing need for communication with family and friends, a way to communicate with colleagues and associates and of course we now use our cell phones to conduct online banking, access the world wide web, follow music and keep our social networking skills on top form.

The only hurdle to acquiring a cell phone, however, is a credit rating. If one has an unfavourable ITC score or is blacklisted for past misdemeanours then the score is low and an application will be declined. The good news is that cell phone contracts for blacklisted people can still be obtained. With the right facts, you can be on your way to being approved for a contract in no time at all. There are ways to get a phone if you have bad credit; there are even options of phones and contracts to choose from.

There are a number of cellular phone contract providers who do consider a person’s financial standing and take the negative situations into account. These providers have released special tariffs that cater for people with poor credit. There are two particular ways of getting cell phone contracts for blacklisted people.

Firstly the easiest way to get a phone is by acquiring a pre-paid plan. With this plan air time can be purchased as and when it is needed. So it is similar to a debit card that you use when there is money available in your account. However, when the airtime runs out, more can simply be purchased by a number of means. Airtime can be bought online, at a teller in a store or even via airtime kiosks found in shops and malls.

The second option to obtaining a cell phone contract is to get a billing plan or contract. This is more along the lines of a credit card as you pay for the services used on a month to month basis. The contract will be a set amount a month, this is the rental fee, and a rate will then be charged per call, SMS or data usage. The contracts are typically offered on a 12 or 24 month basis after which they can be renewed or another option chosen. Normally people will elect to upgrade their cell phone at that point.

There are a few items that are required when applying for a cell phone. These include a green bar coded, South African ID book, the most recent pay slip (if you have been blacklisted, some service providers may require more than one pay slip), 3 most recent bank statements (again, more could be required depending on your circumstances)and a valid bank account in to which a salary is paid.

There are a number of cell phone providers, and in fact banking institutions, that cater to people with bad credit. A phone has indeed become a necessity and if you need one, being blacklisted need not stop you. Most of the providers have a guaranteed success rate of acquiring cell phone contracts for blacklisted people. If you do not wish to speak to someone personally, you can even apply online. Most of the time, not only will a contract be approved, but the majority of contracts come with a free cell phone handset and typically the phone can be delivered to a client’s choice of location, making the entire process convenient.

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